Trident Philosophy

What's the point of having fresh breath and clean teeth if you don't open your mouth to smile and laugh! We like to think that we've got a gum for every occasion. So get out there and enjoy the long-lasting flavours of Trident, wherever you might be (with or without your toothbrush)...

About Trident Gum
Peppermint Fresh Pack


Peppermint is here to cure your insatiable appetite for some cooling refreshment. Let the tingling, long-lasting freshness out and let off some steam. The perfect pocket sized partner for all your festival adventures.

Strawberry Smoothie Fresh Pack

Strawberry Smoothie

It's a chew full of a sunny summer's worth of strawberry flavour. A scrumptious gum, unlike any other, that turns the taste buds on its head and takes you to your happy place.

Spearmint Fresh Pack


Spearmint heaven! The softness of this long-lasting minty sweet gum is verging on therapeutic. Perfect as an early morning kick start or a late night invigorator.

Tropical Twist Fresh Pack

Tropical Twist

Hawaii, Trinidad, the Amazon? Until you finally book that ticket this is probably as close as you'll get. Experience the extraordinarily long-lasting combination of flavours in a soft piece of tropical pleasure.

Peppermint Splash Pack


A classic never goes out of style, and peppermint is always at the top of our minds when we think refreshment. This crisp coolness just keeps giving you that oooh feeling.

Strawberry and Lime Splash Pack

Strawberry and Lime

Sink your teeth into the crunchy shell to release a mine of voluptuously flavoured liquid. The unique centre oozes out to invigorate your taste buds with its fruity cocktail infusions, and the result is anything but ordinary.

Spearmint Splash Pack


Mouth working over time, all the time? Surely it deserves a fresh reward that actually lasts longer than merely a few chews. Treat it with a cooling tingling spearmint sensation and it will carry on its duty, much obliged